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British Army Training Center Kathmandu
British Army Training Center Kathmandu

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Gurkha Action is essentially a pre-military training academy where potential recruits are trained physically and educated mentally to achieve their dream of joining the British Gurkha Army or the Gurkha Contingent of the Singapore Police Force. We are committed to shaping the military careers of our recruits, gradually making them physically strong, mentally sharp, confident, capable, and competitive in their pursuit of their goals.

In this competitive era, it is very difficult to find a job of one's choice. Becoming a Gurkha is one of the toughest jobs out there. Generally, one must be medically and physically fit, as well as have a good moral standing, to join the British Army. The British Army's values are the moral principles that define who British soldiers are as individuals and what the British Army stands for as an organization. These values include courage, discipline, respect for others, integrity, loyalty, selfless commitment, and more. Gurkhas are known for their professionalism, fighting prowess, sense of humor, and humility.

Our aim is to provide proper guidance and produce skilled, capable, dynamic, energetic, and professional potential recruits. We assist you in every single step towards achieving your goal - LAHURE.


Become a capable and skilled potential recruit for a rewarding career in the British Army

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Gurkha Action Training Center

Himal Limbu

Gurkha Action Training Center

Nawang Shrestha

Gurkha Action Training Center

Nabin Dahal

Education Tutor (Masters in Mathematics)

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Recruits are saying

Best of the best. The training environment, ambience, training equipments and mostly the best guidance and mentors to become a Gurkha. The mentors have a special vision to make a candidate successful. Great place.

Kamal Shrestha Google Reviews

The best Pre British Gurkha Army and Gurkha Contingent center in Town. Located in a beautiful area with big space and green environment. The teachers and the instructors are highly qualified there.

Abishekh Jirel Google Reviews

Gurkha Action's guidance, motivation and inspiration is something very special to me as well. They are the best training center in Nepal for Pre British Army and Gurkha Contingent.

Prakash Gurung Google Reviews

Good quality training center in Nepal. They have a good training hall and training equipments. Their guidance leads the potential recruits to success.

Sudesh Rai Google Reviews
Gurkha Action Training Center
Gurkha Action Training Center
Gurkha Action Training Center
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