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British Army Pre-Training Classes


The Brigade of Gurkhas is a unique organisation in the British Army with a reputation of being amongst the finest and most feared soldiers in the world. There are currently over 4000 Gurkhas employed in the Brigade of Gurkhas across many trades. All Gurkhas are recruited from Nepal, with many thousands of young people attempting selection every year for only a few hundred job opportunities. All Gurkhas are firstly trained at Infanteers at Catterick and then are allocated to their Regiments and Corps as part of the Brigade of Gurkhas, but often working within other organisations of the Army.

At Gurkha Action Pre-Military Training Academy, we understand that being part of the Brigade of Gurkhas is a dream for many young, energetic and dynamic youths. Our academy is dedicated to preparing and training potential recruits (PR) for the rigorous demands and high standards required to be a part of this esteemed institution. Our comprehensive training program covers all aspects including physical fitness, academic education, interview preparation, sports activities, and personality development.

Gurkha Pre-Army Training Center

Our result-oriented mindset ensures that our trainees are fully prepared to meet the demands and challenges of being part of the Brigade of Gurkhas. Join us today and take the first step towards achieving your dream of being a Gurkha.

Selection Process After Pre-Training With Gurkha Action

Those PRs who have successfully registered on Online Registration will be called forward to attend this stage of Gurkha Recruiting. Phase One - Registration will be held at British Gurkhas Dharan for PRs from Provinces (1, 3 and 2), at British Gurkhas Pokhara for PRs from Provinces (4, 3, 5 and 2) and at Area Welfare Centre Bheri for PRs from Provinces (6, 7 and 5). At Phase One - Registration, there will be basic medical checks including Height, BMI, hyperextension, Teeth and Physics.Those called forward must arrive on the designated date, time and place with all their original documents. They will have to bring photocopies (in A4 size) of all original documents they submit. Also note that Maths and English Assessment is a must for British army whereas Maths Assessment is a must for Singapore Police Force.

Those eligible from Phase One - Registration will be called forward to attend this stage of Gurkha Recruiting. Phase Two - Initial Selection will be held at British Gurkhas Pokhara for both Western and Eastern Potential Recruits. At Phase Two - Initial Selection candidates will sit a written English and mathematics assessments. These are designed to broadly test the candidates’ functional skills to Entry Level Two standards. In line with the British Army’s Physical Entry Standards (PES), the physical assessments are:Minimum 12 Over Arm Heaves, 800m Run under 2 minutes and 30 seconds and Repeatead Lift and Carry under 1 minute and 46 seconds.

Those Potential Recruits (PRs) successful at Phase Three - Initial Selection will be published on the call forward list for Phase Three - Final Selection. These PRs will be invited to attend Phase Three - Final Selection at British Gurkhas Pokhara. As the penultimate phase of Gurkha recruiting, Phase Three - Final Selection will select the best 204 Trainee Riflemen for the British Army (BA) and 144 Trainee Policemen for the Gurkha Contingent Singapore Police Force (GCSPF). Successful PRs listed on the call forward list must arrive on their designated date with their own NPP, MRP or E-Passport, Next of Kin Form and 10 Days Self Isolation Form. In line with the British Army’s Physical Entry Standards (PES), the following physical assessments will be tested at Phase Three - Final Selection:
  • 1. 2km Run: Under 8 minutes. (Best Effort)
  • 2. Jerry Can Carry: Under 2 minutes. (Best Effort)
  • 3. DOKO Run: Under 46 minutes. (Best Effort)
  • 4. Mid-Thigh Pull: 76 Kilograms. (British Army Only)
  • 5. Medicine Ball Throw: 3.1 meters. (British Army Only)

Age Eligibility

  • Minimum 18 and maximum 21 years of age

Education Criteria

  • Minimum SLC 3rd Division or Equivalent. For those sitting Nepal SEE from 2016 onwards, minimum of 5xC grades are compulsory. Applying for both British Army and Singapore Police, must have a C grade in English and Mathematics.SLC/SEE compartmental pass, private SLC/SEE, open learning are accepted but vocational qualification (CTEVT) certificates will not be accepted.

Physical Criteria

  • Height: Minimum 158cm.
  • BMI: Between 17-30 on Phase 1 Selection and 18-28 on Phase 2 Selection.
  • Eyes: Glasses/Contact Lenses/Laser Surgery will not be accepted.
  • Teeth: Not more than 2 faults (Fillings, gaps or false teeth). Front 8 teeth must be without fault.
  • Sick: Candidates who is suffering from any sickness such as severe flu, high temperature will not be accepted.


  • Nagariktako Praman Patra (NPP).
  • Machine Readable Passport (MRP).
  • PR's Marriage Certificate & Wife's NPP (if married).
  • Birth Certificates of PR's children (where applicable).
  • Parents' original NPP.
  • Parent's Marriage Certificate if father's name is not mentioned on mother's or son's NPP.
  • Parent's Death Certificate (where applicable).
  • Migration Certificate NP/GP/Wada office(where applicable).
  • Caste Verification from CDOs office or authorised local Offices.
Gurkha Action Training Center
Gurkha Action Training Center
Gurkha Action Training Center
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