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Gorkha Regiment Pre-Training Classes


11 Gorkha Rifles is a regiment in the Indian Army that was raised after independence through a Tripartite Agreement between the governments of India, Nepal, and Britain on 9th November 1947. The agreement resulted in the transfer of the 2nd, 6th, 7th, and 10th Gorkha Rifles to the British Army. Since a large number of soldiers from the 7th and 10th Gorkha Rifles opted against the transfer and hailed from Eastern Nepal, it was decided to re-raise 11 Gorkha Rifles. The regimental center was established at Palampur, the former training center of 7 Gorkha Rifles. In 1948, three units were raised, and later one battalion was raised in 1960. After the Sino-Indian Conflict in 1962, the remaining three battalions were raised. The regiment has a rich history and is known for the bravery and fighting qualities of its soldiers.

Gurkha Action Pre-Military Training Academy offers pre-training for Nepalese youth who aspire to join the Gorkha regiment. The academy provides physical training, educational classes, interview preparation, sports activities, youth career counseling, self-defense classes, and personality development courses to prepare students for the rigorous selection process. With a focus on result-oriented mindset and a dedicated team of experienced trainers, Gurkha Action is committed to shaping the future soldiers of the Gorkha regiment.

Gurkha Pre-Army Training Center

Join Gurkha Action Pre-Military Training Academy today and take the first step towards a rewarding career with the Gorkha Regiment. Our experienced instructors and comprehensive training program will ensure that you are fully prepared for the challenges ahead.

Selection Process After Pre-Training With Gurkha Action

This process includes Document check, Physical and Education Check. After filing the application form, if the candidate satisfies the eligibility criteria, then the next step is to qualify for the selection test. There is a series of tests that involves physical fitness tests, physical measurement, medical examination, and written exams. The physical fitness test measures the physical ability of the candidate. This round includes various tests after you satisfy the eligibility criteria. On the basis of performance, marks are allotted to the candidates. The physical efficiency test involves running long-run distances, pull-ups, ditch jumping in shape, and various other tests. At this level, the measurement of various aspects of the candidate’s body is taken into consideration. The chest of the candidate should be 77-82 cm with expansion and the weight should be at least 50 kgs. Relaxation is also available for different categories of candidates. The next steps are the verification of documents such as the admission card, the merit certification, category certification, permanent residential certificate, and character certificate, NCC certificate (not compulsory), Pan card, Aadhar card, and Affidavit.

In the medical test, knee check-up, feet, helix in the thumb, differences in bones, arched legs, any abnormalities in the joints, chests, and eye check-up is necessary to determine your qualification and disqualification. If you do not pass the Medical Test, then you can be disqualified from moving forward.

After you clear all the above stages, the next stage is the written exam. The written exam occurs after 2-3 months and the candidate should prepare according to the syllabus and pattern. Usually, questions related to history, sports, geography, and terminology are the main focus of this exam. If you have the determination to serve in the Gorkha Regiment, then work hard to win the battle. By joining the Gorkha army, you will become part of one of the most powerful armies in India.

Age Eligibility

  • Minimum 17.6yrs and Maximum 21yrs of age

Education Criteria

  • The minimum education requirement for Gorkha Regiment is completion of SEE with a minimum grade of D+.

Physical Criteria

  • Height: 157cm minimum
  • Weight: 48 Kgs minimum
  • Chest: 32 cm (Expand : 2cm)
  • Eyes: No Glassses, Contacts or Surgery


  • Nagariktako Praman Patra (NPP).
  • Parents' original NPP.
  • SLC / SEE passed documents
Gurkha Action Training Center
Gurkha Action Training Center
Gurkha Action Training Center
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