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Phase 1 Selection for Intake 2025

Navigating Phase 1 Selection: The Gateway to Gurkha Recruitment

2 Apr, 2024


Embarking on the journey to become a Gurkha warrior (British Army and Singapore Police Force) is a path reserved for the resilient, the determined, and the brave. Phase 1 selection serves as the crucial first step in this journey, where aspiring candidates undergo rigorous assessments to prove their mettle. Let's delve into the intricacies of Phase 1 selection, understanding its process, requirements, and significance in the pursuit of joining the ranks of the esteemed Gurkha regiment.

Phase 1 Selection Process:

Phase 1 selection marks the initial stage of Gurkha recruitment, following successful online registration. Candidates who have completed the online registration process are eligible to proceed to Phase 1. Held at British Gurkhas Pokhara, British Gurkhas Dharan, and Area Welfare Centre (AWC) Bheri in Surkhet, Phase 1 registration is a critical juncture where candidates are evaluated across various parameters.

For any information regarding Phase 1 Selection Process for intake 2025, contact Gurkha Action Pre-Military Training Academy.

Document Verification:

Upon arrival at the designated venue, candidates must present the original and photocopies of essential documents, including citizenship papers, passports, education certificates, and parental documentation. Failure to produce the required documents can lead to disqualification from the recruitment process. Necessary Documents includes :

  • NPP
  • Passport
  • Cast verification (if applicable)
  • Migration Certificate (if applicable, for example, when the application district and permanent residency as per the NPP issuing district are different)
  • Parents’ NPP
  • Education certificates (SEE Examination Mark Sheet, SEE Examination Certificate, and Character Certificate)
  • Completed Application form for BA or GCSPF (this must match the choice made at online registration otherwise the application will not be valid) with a passport-size photograph.
  • Signed Privacy Policy and Consent Declaration Form - For British Army applicants only.

Physical Fitness Test

Physical prowess is a cornerstone of Gurkha training, and Phase 1 selection assesses candidates' fitness levels through various tests. Candidates must demonstrate their strength by completing 12 over-arm heaves successfully. Additionally, basic medical checks, including BMI measurements, hyperextension assessments, dental examinations, and overall physical evaluations, are conducted to ensure candidates meet the necessary health standards.

Literacy and Numeracy Assessments

Candidates undergo written English and mathematics assessments, designed to test their proficiency to Functional Skills Entry Level Two standards. Clear communication and numerical aptitude are essential qualities for Gurkha recruits, aligning with broader British Army recruiting standards.

Criteria for Phase 1 Selection:

Phase 1 selection encompasses several criteria that candidates must meet to progress further in the recruitment process. These include:

  • Successful completion of the over-arm heaves test
  • Satisfactory performance in the basic medical checks
  • Proficiency in English and mathematics assessments
  • Fulfillment of document verification requirements

Phase 1 Selection Dates and Application Process: Phase 1 selection sessions are scheduled between 22nd April and 28th June 2024 at British Gurkhas Pokhara and British Gurkhas Dharan, with additional sessions at AWC Bheri in Surkhet from 22nd April to 31st May 2024. Candidates can access the application form for Phase 1 registration free of cost on the BGN website and must submit the completed form in person during the registration process.

Preparation Assistance:

Candidates who meet the criteria and have completed online registration can seek assistance from the Gurkha Action Pre-Military Training Academy to enhance their readiness for Phase 1 selection. The academy offers physical training, interview preparation, and education classes tailored to ensure candidates are well-prepared for the challenges they will face. By availing themselves of these resources, candidates can increase their chances of success in Phase 1 selection, which typically occurs in Baisakh.


Phase 1 selection stands as a pivotal stage in the journey of aspiring Gurkha recruits, where their determination and capabilities are put to the test. By meeting the stringent requirements of Phase 1 and availing themselves of preparation assistance, candidates demonstrate their readiness to embark on the rigorous training and unparalleled commitment that define the esteemed Gurkha regiment. As candidates prepare to face the challenges ahead, Phase 1 selection stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit and dedication of those who seek to join the ranks of the legendary Gurkhas.

For any help with Phase 1 Selection Process for intake 24/25, contact Gurkha Action Pre-Military Training Academy. Gurkha Action provides assistance with registration, education preparation with the best teachers, and physical training with the best facilities to help you become successful in both British Army and Singapore Police Selection.

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