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Gurkha Recruitment Intake 2024/2025

Gurkha Recruitment Process for Intake 2024/2025

08 Mar, 2024

Online Registration

Online Registration will open from 9 am on Friday 01st March 2024 and will close at midnight on Friday 29th March 2024. Applications submitted outside this window will not be accepted. Applicants must register their given Name, Surname (as in Passport), NPP number, and district. If the applicant fails to register online with the required information, they will not be called forward for Phase 1 (Registration).

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age: PRs must be between 18 – 21 years on 01 Dec 2024. If your birthday is between the following dates then you are eligible: 01 Dec 2003 and 01 Dec 2006 (English Dates). If you are born outside these dates then you will not be eligible for selection.
  • Education: Those that are applying for either the British Army or GCSPF must achieve a minimum of 5x C grades (to include Maths and English as C Grade) in O-level, GCSE, or SEE national equivalent. SEE compartment pass, SEE private compartment pass, SEE open learning are acceptable but CTEVT qualification certificates are not accepted.

For any help with online registration for intake 24/25, contact Gurkha Action Pre-Military Training Academy.

Phase 1 (Registration)

Those PRs who have successfully registered on Online Registration Platform at the following link will be called forward to attend this stage of Gurkha Recruiting. Phase 1 (Registration) will be held at British Gurkhas Pokhara, British Gurkhas Dharan, and at Area Welfare Centre (AWC) Bheri in Surkhet.

Following the close of Online Registration on 29th March 24, the call-forward list for Phase 1 (Registration) will be published around 03rd April 24 on BGN website.

Successful PRs listed on the call-forward list must arrive at the designated date, time, and place indicated. Successful PRs listed on the call-forward list must bring the original and one-sided A4 photocopies of:

  • NPP
  • Passport
  • Cast verification (if applicable)
  • Migration Certificate (if applicable, for example, when the application district and permanent residency as per the NPP issuing district are different)
  • Parents’ NPP
  • Education certificates (SEE Examination Mark Sheet, SEE Examination Certificate, and Character Certificate)
  • Completed Application form for BA or GCSPF (this must match the choice made at online registration otherwise the application will not be valid) with a passport-size photograph.
  • Signed Privacy Policy and Consent Declaration Form - For British Army applicants only.

If you fail to bring the required documents or the current and correctly completed application form, then you will be disqualified. PRs must complete 12 over-arm heaves and must pass English and Mathematics tests. PRs must then pass a basic medical test. At the end of the selection, the Area Recruiting Officer (ARO) will brief you on the process for the next stage of Gurkha Recruiting – Phase 2 (Initial Selection).

Education Criteria

At Phase 1 (Registration), candidates will sit written English and mathematics assessments. These are designed to test the candidates to Functional Skills Entry Level Two standards.

When answering questions, candidates must read the questions carefully before answering. Providing too little, or even too much information does not show that the candidate has fully understood the question. The literacy and numeracy requirements are in line with wider British Army recruiting.

Medical Requirements

At Phase 1 (Registration), there will be basic medical checks including BMI (height & weight), Hyperextension, Teeth, and Physical check.

Medical Guidelines: The Medical guidelines can be downloaded, and it is very important that you read this carefully.

Phase 2 (Initial Selection)

Those successful candidates from Phase 1 (Registration) will be called forward to attend Phase 2 (Initial Selection) in British Gurkhas Pokhara. The call forward list and dates for Phase 2 (Initial Selection) will be published after completion of Phase 1 (Registration) on the BGN Website. The candidates called forward for Phase 2 (Initial Selection) must report to British Gurkhas Pokhara at the designated dates and time with the following documents:

  • Own NPP
  • Parents’ NPP
  • MRP or Electronic Passport
  • Complete “Medically Fit to Attend Certificate”

If there have been any changes of personal circumstances requiring an official documentation amendment (for example death, marriage, migration), candidates must bring the original and 1x photocopy of the new document.

If you fail to bring one of the above documents or the forms are incorrectly filled, then you will be disqualified.

Dates and Further Information:

The call forward lists for Phase 2 (Initial Selection) will be published on 03 Jul 24. Phase 2 (Initial Selection) dates will be 04 Sep – 06 Oct 24 (Both British Army and GCSPF).

Physical Assessment:

The Physical Entry Standards (PES) assessments for recruitment into the British Army and Gurkha Contingent Singapore Police Force are:

  • Over-arm Heaves. Minimum of 12 (best effort).
  • 800m Run. Under 2 minutes and 30 seconds (best effort).
  • Repeated Lift and Carry (Short). Under 1 minute and 46 seconds (best effort).

Medical Requirements:

At Phase 2 (Initial Selection), there will be basic medical checks including blood pressure, long-distance eye test, color perception, and an ear check.

This is to ensure that you are physically fit and able to undergo the Gurkha Selection process. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) will be checked and must be between 18 – 28.

You must bring a completed “Medically Fit to Attend” certificate found in the download section of British Gurkha Website or Gurkha Action Website. This must be completed with signed and stamped by a doctor who is registered with the Nepal Medical Council (NMC). If it is not signed or stamped with NMC by a doctor, you will not be permitted to partake in the Gurkha Selection process. It is very important, and you must read this instruction carefully.

For any help with online registration for intake 24/25, contact Gurkha Action Pre-Military Training Academy. Gurkha Action provides assistance with registration, education preparation with the best teachers, and physical training with the best facilities to help you become successful in both British Army and Singapore Police Selection.

Phase 3 (Final Selection)

Those successful candidates from Phase 2 (Initial Selection) will be called forward to attend Phase 3 (Final Selection) in British Gurkhas Pokhara. The call forward list for Phase 3 (Final Selection) will be published after completion of Phase 2 on this website.

Dates and Info:

Phase 3 (Final Selection) dates:

  • GCSPF: 28 Nov – 11 Dec 24
  • British Army: 07 Jan – 03 Feb 25

Medical Criteria:

You cannot prepare for the medical. However, here are some tips to help you:

  • Do not listen to very loud music or other loud noises immediately before Phase 3 (Final Selection); it may affect your hearing test.
  • Do not take any supplements or energy drinks as these may affect your performance.
  • Declare any medication on arriving at British Gurkhas Pokhara so that we can properly look after you during selection.
  • Bring the appropriate medical documents if you are on medication or have had surgery.
  • Fizzy drinks such as Coca-cola, Fanta, Mountain dew, and Red Bull are extremely bad for your health. If you drink sugary drinks regularly this can affect your body in a bad way. If you have excess sugar in your urine during the urine test, then this means your organs cannot process the sugar properly and you will fail selection. Please only drink water and avoid sugary drinks.

Physical Assessment:

In line with the British Army’s Physical Entry Standards (PES), the following physical assessments will be conducted at Phase 3 (Final Selection):

  • 2km run. Under 8 minutes and 15 Seconds (best effort)
  • Jerrycan carry. Under 2 minutes (best effort)
  • DOKO run. Under 46 minutes (best effort)
  • Mid-thigh pull. Pull 76 kilograms (British Army only)
  • Medicine ball throw. Throw 3.1 meters distance (British Army only)

Best Effort: Remember, you must give your very best effort in every test to achieve the highest score possible. The higher you score, the greater number of points you will be awarded, making your selection into the British Army or the Gurkha Contingent Singapore Police Force more likely.

You can find videos demonstrating the jerrycan carry task, mid-thigh pulls, and medicine ball throw below.

Note: Candidates for the GCSPF will take part in a short team task, where attitude, communication skills, and problem-solving ability will be assessed. This will not be done for British Army candidates.

Education Assessment:

There will be two English tests at Phase 3 (Final Selection); a 30-minute writing exam and a 10-minute speaking and listening exam. The tests are run by professional education officers.

Writing: In your writing exam, you will be assessed on your content, spelling, punctuation, and grammar. You can find a sample exam paper, exam instructions, and advice in the ‘download’ section below.

Speaking and listening: During your speaking and listening assessment, you will be tested on your answer structure, grammar, vocabulary, clarity, flow, and response, as well as understanding and following direction. You will be called up individually to have a conversation with an education officer. Advice and practice questions can be found in the ‘download’ section.


If you make it to the interview, you have done very well. At this stage, we want to know who you are and why you want to be a Gurkha soldier in the British Army’s Brigade of Gurkhas or the Gurkha Contingent Singapore Police Force. If you are successful, you will be responsible for maintaining the legacy and our strong reputation worldwide in the future. Therefore, we are looking for individuals joining for the right reasons, with character traits, logic, and integrity suitable for service.

A soldier in the Brigade of Gurkhas and a policeman in the Gurkha Contingent Singapore Police Force should have excellent values and standards, be robust and, most importantly, must want to be a Gurkha soldier or a policeman.

You must do lots of research about your chosen unit. Visit their social media accounts like Facebook and read about them. Learn about what they are doing in the world right now and think about what it is that this particular regiment does that truly interests you.

Gurkha Action encourages our candidates to give answers in natural way and from the heart that displays the candidate’s real personality.

In conclusion, the Gurkha recruitment process presents a rigorous and multi-phase journey, spanning from online registration to the final selection. Aspiring candidates should meticulously adhere to each phase's requirements, including educational assessments, physical standards, and medical criteria. To enhance their chances of success in joining the prestigious British Gurkha Regiment or Singapore Police Force (Contingent), individuals are encouraged to seek guidance and training from Gurkha Action Pre-Military Training Academy. With expert instructors and top-notch facilities, Gurkha Action ensures comprehensive preparation, equipping candidates with the skills and knowledge needed to excel at every stage of the selection process and fulfill their aspirations of serving with honor and distinction.

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